ONP launch management essentials programme

ONP launch management essentials programme's Story

Back in March, we launched our Management Essentials Programme, in collaboration with LEAP Development Group. Thirty of our managers undertook this series of workshops, group sessions and on-the-job activities designed to add new tools and capabilities to their leadership style.

The programme culminated in presentations, where we got to see our managers stepping up to show off the powerful insights they’d gained. Feedback from our team has been phenomenal:

“It was a really good experience and helped build confidence in my ability, as well as delivering insights on how to recognize behaviours and resolve issues within a team. It feels great that we have completed this programme.” – Emma Ingleson, Remo Support Manager

“Great content around feedback and 121s which I started to put into practice with the team as soon as the module was covered.” – Victoria Barker, CRD Manager

Congratulations to all those who attended the programme! And a big thank you to our in-house Learning and Development team, training specialists, and LEAP for making the course such a huge success.