Introducing Movera. Helping to create home moving experiences to be celebrated, not tolerated. 

Introducing Movera. Helping to create home moving experiences to be celebrated, not tolerated. 's Story

Blog post: Written by Nick Hale, Movera CEO

The launch of Movera is a symbol of change, bringing a new beginning that is driven by a passion to improve the home moving experience across the market.

Movera is made up of seven brands – a progressive group of home moving businesses built through deep experience and trust.  Movera is a platform on which we can build further beyond our proud heritage, to create a compelling and effective force for positive change across the sector.

Movera has been hiding in plain sight, having been brought together over the past four years through a series of acquisitions backed by Inflexion Private Equity. Between our businesses and brands, we have a greater presence than most would realise. Rebranding our group with the launch of Movera is an important step in our journey, unlocking the potential for our platform to stand out and our teams to collaborate more closely than ever with the industry to make the moving experience better for clients, partners and people. We want to continue to be a positive catalyst for change, working with the sector to the benefit of all stakeholders.

I joined Movera 18 months ago, brand new to the sector, bringing (I hope) my desire to learn, energy and belief in the power of purposeful teams. I still feel like a newcomer, excited by the opportunities and grappling at times with the reality of how many challenges there can be to untangle, when seeking to collaborate for good.  Having now spent time in the sector, it is clear to me that everyone deserves better . The moving experience, and conveyancing in particular, has not been consumer-friendly or leveraged technology as effectively as it could. Since I joined, we have been on a mission to improve things with others, seeking to put an end to painful home moving.

What we want to do, is to lift people’s view, both of us as a team of 600+ people across seven brands, but importantly, what the sector as a whole is capable of.  We are proud of the progress we have made with our partners, and the launch of Movera is a further clear statement of our ambitions to do more.

We have embraced deep expertise of the sector and sought to blend that together with people who bring skills and expertise that have been more scarce. That approach has enabled us to create a brilliant team, with the “best of both”, bringing with it an infectious energy and capability that naturally challenges the status quo and seeks to find a better way. I am proud to be a part of our team, one with kindness and capability, that together are realising our ambitions to make moving experiences better with our partners and cross-industry players.

This collaboration, together with the blend of expertise across our individual businesses, means that we can now be a positive force for change.

For example, in the past year:

  • Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) has lifted consistently and is now over 70, putting us in the top 25% of all companies in all industries that use this measure.
  • Our TrustPilot score across ONP and Cavendish Legal Group (CLG) has risen to 4.7.
  • We are achieving strong levels of engagement from partners across the industry and from our people.
  • What is more, we’ve received positive recognition from the Land Registry, leading to our participation in a pilot to help digitise the market, along with three other conveyancing firms.

We have three pillars that underpin everything we do: brilliant people, innovative technology, and an explorer mindset. Each of those encourage us to think differently and keep breaking through new frontiers.

We are driven by purpose and belief, but we remain humble. We want to be the partner of choice, on merit, every time. We know that we don’t have all the answers, so we want to work closely with the people around us to lift the industry for the better – for clients, for partners and for our people who help make all of this happen.

Throughout my career I have worked within technology-enabled, people-led businesses that are seeking to disrupt markets for the better, improving experiences for consumers and for other key stakeholders working in those sectors.

At Movera we believe that homebuying, including buying, selling, or remortgaging a home is all about experience, and not just a transaction. It needs to be made possible by people who leverage a platform which enables them to do the very best work of their careers, with consistently high professional standards, while feeling good about what they do for clients, partners and the people around them. We believe that continuing to challenge the status quo, we will improve things for everyone. We will never stop trying to play our part in a better moving experience for all.