Welcome to the home of Movera

All around us, customer service expectations have been transformed by technology, and a focus on user experiences. Airline passengers now enjoy frictionless travel between continents. Complex banking transactions are completed with a few keystrokes on an app.

Yet the home moving market is in a rut. It’s time our industry caught up, and we’re leading that charge. By creating moving and remortgaging experiences to be celebrated – not tolerated.

These are the three pillars we’re building the future of our business – and industry – on.

“We win together, and our mission is to shape the best place to work in the industry.” 

Brilliant People

We’re stepping up to change the way our industry works. To meet that challenge, we need talented people, and a culture that empowers them to be their best.

A culture that welcomes all voices to the table. Where equality, diversity and inclusivity mean everyone feels psychologically safe, and heard.

That’s where the Movera Academy comes in, here to level the playing field and create opportunities for everyone.

Innovative Technology

Technology can change the way home moving feels for clients. By putting them in control and freeing up our colleagues to do what they do best, to look after people.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is, with a commitment to invest £10 million into the Movera Platform every year. Meaning our brands will deliver ever more exceptional experiences to clients, partners and colleagues.

“We use the best technology and innovation to deliver the best experiences for all.“

“We want to be the catalyst of change, for everyone.”

Explorer Mindset

As we set the pace for change in our industry, we aren’t afraid to seek new ideas, and collaborate across departments, brands and industries.

Our innate curiosity drives us to to seek new experiences, embrace risks, and learn from setbacks. We encourage individuals, teams, and departments to explore new ideas, collaborate with industry, and innovate with partners.

Deep industry relationships unite us in the shared goal of redefining the home moving experience

We Take Time to Celebrate…

We don’t just celebrate at the end of a transaction or project, we feel the journey is a celebration. We should embrace the joy of our clients in their home moving journey, along with celebrating the great work that we do, each and every day, to deliver the best experiences for our people, clients and partners.

When we Find a Better Way…

We ask questions, we’re curious and we look to explore new experiences, ideas, and seek knowledge. It involves a willingness to venture into the unknown, take risks, and embrace uncertainty in pursuit of discovery and growth. We are resilient and adaptable, and we bounce back from setbacks; seeing them as learning opportunities, rather than failures.

To Make a Difference…

We have clarity in our vision and the outcomes we are seeking. We’re accountable for our actions, ensuring what we deliver has a clear purpose and is with the quality we’d expect as a client.

For People…

We put our Clients at the heart of our strategy, always. Our people collaborate within the organisation and with our partners, we are better together, always acting with kindness and respect.



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